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Biblical reinterpretation?

Your teacher and friend sums up what he expects of you in one sentence during a dinner conversation. Later that evening he is arrested on false charges, tried in an illegal court and executed. Do you live up to his expectations?

I am confronted with this question regarding Jesus Christ. Three times in John 14 he states that if we love him we will obey his commands. I know I do not keep all of the commandments of Jesus. Why not? Do I not love him?

As Francis Chan writes in chapter 8 of Crazy Love, those who are in love are obsessed with the one they love. As a Christian I should be obsessed with God. The fundamental motivation in all I am and all I do should be God. I have always considered this to be how Christianity should be, but generally I am not very good at living it out in my comfortable life.

How willing am I to read the New Testament and live according to the plain meaning of it rather than subtly reinterpreting the words to fit more neatly into the way my life already is?

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