Joining today in 5 minute Friday led by Lisa-Jo Baker,  who posts a single word prompt. The idea is that each person simply writes for 5 minutes based on the prompt without stopping to edit or fix up punctuation.
After enjoying the practise last week I’m going to write for five minutes on the topic of:


I love colour, though ironically tend to be rather grey and devoid of colour myself. Once I was told that psychiatric patients tend to wear loud coloured clothing so perhaps that has constrained me.

I love colourful people, at least they are interesting.

I love colourful homes, not just the colour of the paint scheme, but also the stuff a person has collected and how they live.

I love the colours of nature, I even pray for one of my daughters that her dreams will be filled with “flowers and rainbows and butterflies”, kind of hippyish I know but she loves colour too.

I would love to shed my own greyness, to be colourful, to be interesting, to step out and show the true colours of joy and delight that God created every person to be.


Maybe I have discovered a new goal for myself here!