Chained to heaven

Joining today in 5 minute Friday led by Lisa-Jo, the gypsymama,  who posts a single word prompt. The idea is to write for 5 minutes based on the prompt without stopping to edit or fix up punctuation. This week’s word is:


I have been a bit ‘out of sorts’ this week. There is a fragility and fickleness about being human which can be quite disconcerting and frightening when it comes, taps you on the shoulder and holds a mirror to your soul.

When I see the fractures and failings of myself my instinct is to run away, to cover up, to dig up excuses. Most of all I feel myself sinking into the mess and wonder how to move on through such muddied waters. These are the moments when I reach for reassurance that life will go on as normal and everything will be fine.

Over time, however, I find what I have clung to in the past less comforting. Experience teaches me that those ‘comforts’ are just temporary distractions and what I really need is an unbreakable chain anchoring me to the essence of what life is all about.

I am growing to realize that prayer can be such a chain – anchoring me to God and bringing me right into His presence. The ultimate connection to the only reason to truly live.

Image of chain sculpture: letavua

7 thoughts on “Chained to heaven

  1. Thanks for this reminder – I wrote about staying connected with friends, but God really should be our main connection!!


    1. It was amazing to see this Friday’s word prompt was ‘connection’ because it was only earlier in the day that I was thinking about these things and realized that praying and connecting with God is my best way to get ‘grounded’ in what really matters. Connecting with friends matters too – I suspect that the best friendships come from at least one person being well connected with God.


  2. Beautiful imagery here. There’s something about a chain, isn’t there? Strength as a whole, but made up of individual links…


    1. Hi Becca,Very true. We hear a lot about ‘the weakest link’, but when all the links are strong a chain is a fantastic image. (Actually I had seen this photo previously and it stuck in my mind, great to have a good way to use it!)


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