An oddly vivid memory

My late contribution to 5 minute Friday. The word this week is vivid.
The task: Write for 5 minutes – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.

The dullness

Most days of my life pass with little recollection, my memories of those days are dull. However, there is a day – a Wednesday in August 1988 – which is vividly etched in my memory. It was a wet, grey August and I was not particularly happy. I’d been in this city for a year. My search for meaning in life was going round in circles and the ache to have purpose grew stronger.

My ignorance

A friend of mine was a fiery new Pentecostal Christian. I liked her despite her attempts to convert me. In my arrogance I thought I knew better than her misplaced trust in Jesus and a God who did not exist. Or so I thought…

At one point in my arguing with her she mentioned that if I was ever to read the Bible I should start with the Gospel of John. For some now unrecalled reason I decided to do this.

A vibrant new beginning

I found a Bible in the public library – a Good News Bible with a bright yellow cover – and began reading John’s Gospel.

By the time I reached chapter 7 I was puzzled why the Jews could not see that Jesus is God. By chapter 21 the command from Jesus, “Follow me” was vividly targeted at me (John 21:19). I knew that life had changed for me. All I had been painting on the canvas of my life was now irrelevant, God was giving me eternal life. The dull background was about to be painted in vivid new colours.

4 thoughts on “An oddly vivid memory

  1. I love that you remember that the Bible had a bright yellow cover. The color of joy on a gray day when you weren’t “particularly happy.” How cool is that? The Word is alive! Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Hi Sandra,Yep, all these years I have remembered that Bible, if they hadn’t rearranged our local library I could probably even walk to the exact place on the shelf where it was. I was thinks after writing this post that it is amazing how vividly (that word again!) this memory is burned into my mind – like a near-miss accident it is one of those memories that changed my life. Thanks for calling by.


  2. What a great memory snippet, now I am intrigued about what came as you continued into the chapter, what pulled you in, what verses, what story. I want to see the unraveling, for it is so different for each person.


    1. Hi Jules,I have been intending to write about the beginnings of my faith for a long time, this prompt got me started without realizing it! I will have to try and follow through now, thanks for the encouragement to do so.


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