Limited Edition

God sets the limits for all things. He sets limits for the sea so it does not encroach upon the land. He sets the times and seasons, He determines the orbits of stars and planets. He sets the length of life for all people and the times of rulers and kings.
God also limits each of us, setting the place where we will be born, the parents we will have, and the abilities we will inherit.

I seem to spend much of my life kicking against the limits within which my life has been placed. I’m not entirely sure what I am seeking to achieve, but often I push against the limited time available to me, burning through the quiet hours of my nights in the eerie glow of a computer display. I hungrily read and consume from the fire-hose of information now available through the internet.

Oddly, my ‘problem’ is no longer the difficulty of locating information as it was a decade ago, now I have difficulty saying ‘enough’. I have information obesity (it is even a problem for academics).

Unfortunately most of what passes as ‘information’ is really just trivial. In fact, the best most popular blogs, websites, news outlets and social media sites are primarily experts in entertainment and how to hold a human being’s attention in such a way as to induce clicks, page views or divulging of credit card details.

This evening I read a book instead of opening the lid of the laptop. It felt good, undistracted, a cohesive argument to follow and well crafted words – quality workmanship. I need to read more books and browse the internet less. There is good reason for calling it ‘browsing’ or ‘surfing’ – both capture the skimming, superficial nature of how we interact with the web.

God created me with limits. I need to respect them and use the limited time I have wisely.

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.
(Ephesians 5:15-17 ESV)

4 thoughts on “Limited Edition

  1. Oh yes, the fighting against the limits, the gluttony of trying to take it all in, even the useless and frivolous fat of it. I am guilty of gorging myself in this manner as well. A concous effort must be made to disconnect, particularly these days with the internet literally at our fingertips, in the palms of our hands, etc. I have a mountain of books I am working my way through and to be honest, I find it SO refreshing to sit with a book in hand. Praying that we find the balance. Good words for me to read, Mike. Thanks for this. Blessings always.


    • Hi Kris,You are so right about how refreshing it is to sit down with a book in hand. Ebooks are here to stay, but some of us will always want the pleasure of turning paper pages!


    • Hi Angela,I would be mush wiser if I didn’t let myself get into the avalanche of information in the first place! (Seems to be human nature to always want more junk food though).


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