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I used to love starting each new year at school with brand new stuff. Fresh school books, new pens and pencils, a whole ruler. Such an invitation to create when everything is fresh and clean and new, much nicer than the tatty books, stubs of pencil and broken ruler from the end of last year. Unfortunately my proclivity towards messiness meant it never took long for the newness to wear […]

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Writing voice

It has been more than six months since I was consistently writing blog posts. So I was curious to notice that the voice I used in my writing several days ago is almost identical to the way I used to write last year. Which gets me wondering if my writing voice is now set, or whether I can change it if I desire to? What is my writing voice? Where does it […]

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The self-ordering heap

I want to introduce you to the best ‘productivity hack’ I have ever come across. This system works with your brain rather than against it as most productivity systems do. There is literally nothing to learn or remember, no software to install, no special equipment necessary. You can begin using this system right now, no setup or installation required! Sound too good to be true? Wondering how much such an all-encompassing […]

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Keep going back to Christ

A couple of comments from the internet resonated with me this week: The first is a good reminder that being ordinary and of no great talent is normal in God’s Kingdom and cannot be used as an excuse for not being fully obedient to Christ: The truth is…people who live all out for God were not made more special.  They just tasted something good and kept going back for it. (Lisa […]

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I first began blogging in November 2009, which is also when I joined Facebook. Since then I’ve written many blog posts, status updates and tweets. At least half a dozen domain names have been registered by me with great ideas of stuff I’d like to publish but time and motivation have failed to follow through. As my own interests, goals and motivation for online writing has morphed over these four […]

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