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2018 Reading

Updated: 8 October 2018 Slow Reads There are some books that I intentionally read slowly in order to let their message sink in or to enjoy the experience of digesting smaller morsels that are rich in meaning. Selected Poems by William Bronk (ISBN 0-8112-1314-5) Second Sky by Tania Runyan (ISBN 978-1-62564-288-2) Holy Bible (KJV) Holy Bible (NIV) Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth by Walter Bruggemann. 167 pages (ISBN 978-0-8006-3460-5). […]

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Near miss

photo of right hand with deep chemical burns from sodium hydroxide on the palm at base of thumb

I have worked in labs for a long time and it is generally a pretty safe work environment despite what some folks imagine. However, occasionally something happens that has the potential to turn pear-shaped. Today I was making some 5 molar sodium hydroxide solution, which is corrosive. In fact, 1 molar sodium hydroxide is corrosive, 5 molar is five times stronger and so is very corrosive. It was also hot […]

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Poems I have read in 2018

Last updated 15 October 2018 Poems that I have read in 2018 Ogre by Emma Neale (Spark). Spell by Emma Neale (Spark). Lucky dip by Emma Neale (Spark). Renewal by Emma Neale (Spark). Going to sleep by Emma Neale (Spark). Ride to Banburry Cross by Emma Neale (Spark). Mirror by Emma Neale (Spark). The science fair by Emma Neale (Spark). The first stone by Emma Neale (Spark). Chronoslide by Emma […]

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Book learning

As I’ve been reading and researching information about writing for the web, I realised that it will save me time to find a book on the topic by someone who already knows about it. After a bit of indecision and largely based on reviews on Amazon, I have chosen the book Writing for the Web by Crawford Kilian. The author of this book spent 40 years teaching at community colleges and from […]

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Reading on the web

This is part of a series on Writing for the Web. The famous answer by Jakob Nielson to “How do users read on the web?” is “They don’t.” Very few web users read written web content word-for-word. Instead, they scan the page searching for the information they want. However, I question this finding. The eye tracking study which showed people scanning for information on the page was conducted in such […]

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