Poems I have read in 2018

Poems that I have read in 2018

  1. Ogre by Emma Neale (Spark).
  2. Spell by Emma Neale (Spark).
  3. Lucky dip by Emma Neale (Spark).
  4. Renewal by Emma Neale (Spark).
  5. Going to sleep by Emma Neale (Spark).
  6. Ride to Banburry Cross by Emma Neale (Spark).
  7. Mirror by Emma Neale (Spark).
  8. The science fair by Emma Neale (Spark).
  9. The first stone by Emma Neale (Spark).
  10. Chronoslide by Emma Neale (Spark).
  11. Abecedarian by Emma Neale (Spark).
  12. The early life of Marc Chagall by Emma Neale (Spark).
  13. Yellow Opus by Emma Neale (Spark).
  14. Night feeds by Emma Neale (Spark).
  15. Exposure by Emma Neale (Spark).
  16. Skin by Emma Neale (Spark).
  17. Mansfield Park by Emma Neale (Spark).
  18. Kid gloves by Emma Neale (Spark).
  19. The Annihilation of Matter by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  20. Blue Spruces in Pairs, a Bird Bath Between by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  21. We want the Mark of Time by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  22. At Tikal by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  23. In deed by Emma Neale (Spark).
  24. Open home by Emma Neale (Spark).
  25. Divorce by Emma Neale (Spark).
  26. Buzz track by Emma Neale (Spark).
  27. Loving a mountaineer by Emma Neale (Spark).
  28. Traveller overdue by Emma Neale (Spark).
  29. Metonymy as an Approach to a Real World by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  30. Anderson’s Bay by Emma Neale (Spark).
  31. Whakatane by Emma Neale (Spark).
  32. Reversal by Emma Neale (Spark).
  33. Lyric by Emma Neale (Spark).
  34. Cropped by Emma Neale (Spark).
  35. Ecology: A future history by Emma Neale (Spark).
  36. Truth as a Far Country; as a Piteous Ogre by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  37. Embarrassment of riches by Emma Neale (Spark).
  38. Mend by Emma Neale (Spark).
  39. In the swim by Emma Neale (Spark).
  40. Warm spell by Emma Neale (Spark).
  41. Water colours by Emma Neale (Spark).
  42. Naming the stars by Dave Harrity (These Intricacies).
  43. The Night Watch by William Bronk (Selected Poems). ★
  44. In January by Dave Harrity (These Intricacies).
  45. The jilted husband speaks by Dave Harrity (These Intricacies).
  46. Slave wall by Dave Harrity (These Intricacies).
  47. The hole by Dave Harrity (These Intricacies).
  48. Contemplating the egg by Dave Harrity (These Intricacies).
  49. My grandfather sings again by Dave Harrity (These Intricacies).
  50. Atropos by Dave Harrity (These Intricacies).
  51. The Shuttle by Dave Harrity (These Intricacies).
  52. At Cave Hill cemetery by Dave Harrity (These Intricacies).

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