As you may have figured, my name is Mike, and this is my personal website. As of July 2017 this site includes almost all of what I have published to the web since 2010, a consolidation of three old blogs and a gradual accumulation of new posts also.

So, who is this guy you ask? Well, I’m in my late forties, married, have three children and a small menagerie of pets (one dog, a budgie and five rabbits). I currently work as a biochemistry technician, previously I’ve been a poisons information officer, technical writer, administrator, storeman, and student.

More important than what I’ve done for jobs is that I’m a Christian and this undergirds everything about my life. This does not mean I’m holier-than-thou, more like acutely aware of my shortcomings and sinfulness.

Because this is the world wide web, I should also mention that I live in Dunedin, New Zealand. A small island nation near the bottom of the world but not part of Australia. We have lots of sheep and cows, not many people (about 4 million), some nice scenery, fascinating native birds and rather changeable weather.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, just leave a message using the form below: