Mike wearing a blue check shirt smiling at cameraHi, I’m Mike and this is the main place I hang out on the internet. I have kept a blog since 2010, some years I’ve written a lot, others not so much. This site contains most of what I’ve written online.

I’m in my forties and married with three children. Our family loves animals, we have a dog, a budgie and a number of rabbits (the exact number varies as they keep breeding!). I’m a Christian and my faith underpins my whole approach to life. We live in Dunedin, New Zealand.

About this website

This is my personal website, so the main theme is: “stuff I happen to be interested in”. I don’t write for a particular ‘niche’ and am not trying to market myself, my ideas or a product/service. What I write is basically for your entertainment or edification and as an archive of my own journey.

Social Media

I have largely retreated from most social media platforms aside from Facebook which I reserve for interacting with people who I already know in real life. I found that Twitter moves too fast for me and there’s too much aggro there. My photos are not interesting enough for Instagram. The good thing about this for you is that if I have anything interesting to say (write) it will be published here on my blog – an easy one-stop-shop!

Rather than following me on social media, drop me a note on the contact page and consider following the blog by email or RSS.

Page last updated 22 February 2018