la, la, la, la, life’s a happy dream

Hannah is sitting on the floor in front of the Christmas tree, wearing a Santa hat, singing, “la, la, la, la, life’s a happy dream”. She is only 6. There are 20 little kids her age who had life stolen from them before they even got to Christmas this year.

Sandy Hook Shooting

I got to spend my Friday with my two girls at their school fun day yesterday. In Connecticut parents are being told their children have been murdered by an evil young man with a gun. Heartbroken for them, gutted that this world contains such evil, thankful for my own kids and at a loss to know why these things happen.

Being Nocturnal

From Hannah at dinner this evening: “Dad, why are you being nocturnal?”
(I have been on night shift)

(Apparently she learned about nocturnal animals on the “Wot Wots“)

Little person alarm clock

I’ve acquired a very irritating alarm clock – little person who climbs into our bed, lies horizontally across it and proceeds to kick me until I get up and get him his morning milk!