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Eliminating human interaction

I’ve only this week become aware of a retail revolution that causes me significant anxiety the more I learn about it. The poster child of this revolution is Amazon Go, a cashier-less grocery store in downtown Seattle which opened to the public on 22 January 2018. There are cameras and sensors, to detect when you’ve walked in and when items are removed from shelves, and there are check-in kiosks near the […]

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Your money or your life

I have a dilemma – my job is negatively affecting my health, but we really need the income to stay afloat as a family. My current work is at the NZ National Poisons Centre giving phone advice to both the general public and medical professionals for acute poisoning exposures. As with all jobs, there are good and bad days, interesting parts and boring parts. Unlike many jobs, we work rostered […]

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A theory of relativity

  Once upon a time there was a golden land of equal opportunity, universal free education and profound egalitarianism. A level playing field ensured that everyone could be fully productive and reap the fair reward for their labours. (Oh, and nobody got sick so they all remained equal.) (Also, everyone had the same IQ.) (Furthermore, the government and leaders were impeccably fair to all.) (And nobody had social disadvantages stemming from […]

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My greedy heart

While on holiday in Wanaka recently, the abundance of overt wealth and expensive SUVs being driven around got me wondering how some folks can end up with so much money? A well paying job obviously helps, I recently searched on the internet to see how my own salary compared to what is possible and came away rather demoralised! Yet salary alone is not the way to make lots of money. Business acumen, […]

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God is with you in the crap of life

If you are a Christian there is always reason to give thanks. True. But frankly life sucks at times, for Christians too. Even the Crystal Cathedral went bankrupt, the prosperity gospel ran out of cash. All of our lives have seasons where it seems there is little to give genuine thanks for. When someone like me starts writing about giving thanks in all things while you slog through difficult times […]

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The fullness of empty

It is 5 minute Friday in which I write feverishly for five short minutes, find a picture to fit my story and then post without reworking and rewording the entire thing before being brave enough to publish! This week the prompt is empty, rather fitting for my Friday evening really, but I am not going to write about being tired today. Jesus looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the […]

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I am an anxious parent

Another  biblical exhortation to not fear. This one is also from Genesis (I will jump into the New Testament also), when Hagar was sent away by Sarah and is convinced both her and Ishmael will perish in the desert. What troubles you? Hagar has little food and no water. It is obvious what the outcome will be and she cannot bear to watch her own child die of thirst. How many […]

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An ethical boutique

Have you ever wanted to change the world? I know an ‘apprentice world-changer‘ who is taking positive steps to do just that. After creating an award winning film about shopping responsibly, Susan Wardell recruited her friends to put the philosophy into practice. They opened an ethical boutique, The Cuckoo’s Nest, to sell Fair-trade and up-cycled clothes, jewellery and shoes. Voting with dollars In creating The Cuckoo’s Nest, Susan and her friend Annika sought to provide a shopping […]

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Being poor in Burma

Burma is a beautiful and fertile land, very rich in natural resources such as productive agricultural land, teak, gems, gold, minerals, oil, natural gas, rich biodiversity and culture. Unfortunately its rulers are very poor in the one resource they most need to turn Burma into a great nation again – wisdom (Proverbs 28;16,  Proverbs 16:16). The Burmese Government hijacks a massive proportion (23.6%) of the nation’s scant wealth for its […]

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